Brisk PRS#5 (Sunday 2/6/22)-Lake Del Valle + Patterson Loop + Kilkare Road

Raymond Nieh

Sorry, I can't ride this Saturday so I decided to ride the similar route as the M group to Lake Del Valle and Patterson Loop with an extra bonus of climbing Kilkare at the end.  Hope you can join me.

When:   We will be meeting at 8:30am and will roll at 8:45am. 

Where:  Meet at Main Street, Sunol. B riders, let's park near the elementary school (drive past Bond Street, then look for parking).

Please download this latest RWGPS route onto your ride computer device:

No cue sheet will be handed out and no riders will be left behind.

All riders need to be fully vaccinated.  Bring a mask and use it as needed per CDC guidelines for COVID safety.

Routes and Rest Stops:

First water and restroom stop will be at Sycamore Grove Park on Wetmore Road (mile 11). Then we will meet at the boat dock ramp at Lake Del Valle for restroom and water and snack time(mile 24). 

Afterward, we will climb back up and over Del Valle Road and head to the Patterson Loop.  We can get water at a park on the way back along Arroyo Road or Wetmore Road.

Mark will be leading the ride with me.  See you on Sunday!

Raymond Nieh

(510)894-0688 (text)

Mark Sheffield

(650)280-7858 (text)

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