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I recently got a "I'm buying a new bike" Retul fit at and I highly recommend it. It seems to match your description. It's pretty expensive, but I feel like I got my money's worth. For example, there are several things about my posture on the bike that were pointed out... and I'm working to improve this in my training. They were also able to point out some of the "idiosyncracies" of my body that helped explain why certain things happen. I was not getting fit for a track bike, but when I applied some of the fit to my track bike... I was able to spin up to a higher RPM on the rollers without bouncing or losing control (135 -> .155). They also sell custom footbeds... and I've been very pleased with those, too.

Prior to this (2019), I had gone to , which I don't recommend. The bike fit might have been OK, but I didn't get the "physical therapy or kinesiology" that I had been hoping for. I think he did a range-of-motion screening, but I don't remember it being particularly thorough. I also suspect that the fit might not have been "best" for me... but... it's been 3 years and it's not an exact science.

Good luck!


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Hello Everyone,

Can anyone suggest an expert bike fitter? Someone who has background knowledge of physical therapy or kinesiology.

I bought my first road bike just a few years ago, had the bike fit where they focused on knee angle. I didn't have any problems with pain, maybe because of all traffic lights I was moving all the time. 

Life changes and now I do rides indoors on my smart trainer 2x/week sometimes 3. I had inner knee pain/discomfort with my left knee, kept going and it got worse then my right knee was sore. I stopped, rested, ice etc, etc I took off my SPD and put on flat pedals. I was hit n miss riding, mostly missing. With Primavera coming I started riding indoors again regularly and inner left knee pain is back. So, clipped or flats I'm having the same problem and need this fixed asap. If you know of a professional bike fitter (not a company trained one) please let me know.


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