Re: Professional bike fit, recommendations?

Debbie Frederick

I have also used Dr Jess, - I think she is excellent. Among other things- she demonstrated some specific exercises for me, & had me video her on my cell phone so I could easily do them alone at home.


And Her El Cerrito location is very close to the freeway- if you go midday, it is quite a do-able trip. – I saw here there just this past October, 2021.




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Hi Cinnamon,


Several years ago a group from Innersport ( - from Oakland/El Cerrito) did a presentation of their bike fitting technology at a club meeting. A couple folks from our club used their bike fitting services.


Dr Jess ( Dr Jessica Greaux) at Innersport does the fittings. I went to her for a fitting and it made a huge difference for me – I was having knee problems as well. I was very happy with the entire process and everything I learned going thru it.


Dr Jess is a Chiropractic Doctor and has won a lot of recognition as a sports doctor ( She treats high level athletes as well as cruisers like myself. Check out the webpage for her qualifications and how she approaches bike fitting. Pre-pandemic, her sessions were at her house in El Cerrito, not at the Oakland facility.


Good luck, whoever you choose.




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Hello Everyone,


Can anyone suggest an expert bike fitter? Someone who has background knowledge of physical therapy or kinesiology.


I bought my first road bike just a few years ago, had the bike fit where they focused on knee angle. I didn't have any problems with pain, maybe because of all traffic lights I was moving all the time. 


Life changes and now I do rides indoors on my smart trainer 2x/week sometimes 3. I had inner knee pain/discomfort with my left knee, kept going and it got worse then my right knee was sore. I stopped, rested, ice etc, etc I took off my SPD and put on flat pedals. I was hit n miss riding, mostly missing. With Primavera coming I started riding indoors again regularly and inner left knee pain is back. So, clipped or flats I'm having the same problem and need this fixed asap. If you know of a professional bike fitter (not a company trained one) please let me know.




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