Moderated Revised MMRR route


Hi all,

Those of us that lead the MMRR on Monday’s have noticed that the MMRR route has developed a couple of areas that are not very amenable to bikes due to housing construction. Even when the construction is completed a number of us ride leaders believe that the increased traffic will continue to make these areas a challenge for cyclists. So over the last month or so we have been trying a few changes and feel that we have a safer route for the MMRR. Please see the route below. I have added Nike to the route which is optional.

Also, this last Monday a rider went to the new Cabrillo Cafe (on Stevenson) for the start of the ride which is not the location for the start (on Thornton) which used to be the location of the Cabrillo Cafe. So we have changed the description for the start to make sure there is no confusion. 

Meet at the Cabrillo Shopping Center
4673 Thornton Ave, between Balboa Way and Cabrillo Dr (former location of the Bicycle Garage)

Mike, Donna, Robin, Louis, Linda, and any other MMRR ride leaders that I have missed (but not you Dave Epps, enjoy Boise!!!)

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