Re: Brisk PRS #3 on Saturday (1/15/22)

Raymond Nieh

Yes. 13 total yesterday.

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Great Ride, thanks again.  What did we have like 13 riders?

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The tsunami yesterday was real but luckily it didn’t flood the Marshlands road to Dumbarton bridge. It was a good turn out with the brisk riders came out to enjoy the artsy and Moody ride. 
Looking forward to next Saturday. 

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Thank you for the clarification

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DRIVERS: Go past the visitor center's lot and park in the larger lot on left. The rangers do NOT like us parking at the visitor center on weekends. Then roll to the visitor center to meet and sign in.


When:  Weather is not as freezing cold, so we are meeting at 8:30am and will roll at 8:45am



Where:  Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (lower parking lot), 2 Marshlands Rd, Fremont, CA 94555, USA (map). 


Please download this latest RWGPS route onto your ride computer device: 


No cue sheet will be handed out and no riders will be left behind.


All riders need to be fully vaccinated.  Bring a mask and follow CDC guidelines for COVID safety.


Routes and Rest Stops:


After our usual water and restroom stop at Burgess Park, we will be riding through Stanford University with a quick tour of the Art and Sculpture Center outdoor displays for some cell phone picture moments.  Then, we will work our way up Moody Road.  Regroup at top of Moody Road.  Next and last water and restroom stop is at Arastradero Preserve.  Then, up Portola Road to Mountain Home Rd to Canada Rd, then up and down Jefferson Rd, and find our way back to the start.


See you on Saturday!



(510)894-0688 (text)

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