moderated Thank you to the BEST bike club ever!

Cindy M

FFBC Friends,
Thank you to everyone who attended, wish they could have attended and/or contributed towards last week's Ride & Bon Voyage Party for me (aka the Thursday Coffee Ride).  The party was so much fun and I was overwhelmed with all the laughter, well wishes and hugs!  I can guarantee that those bike clubs in Las Vegas don't have a chance of being as friendly, encouraging and fun to ride with as my treasured FFBC has been.  I will miss you all tremendously.  Fortunately, I will still be around for a few more FFBC rides before I leave August 15.

A huge thank you to Lori, my cycling mentor, supporter and friend, who opened up her home to us all, for the Bon Voyage party last week. Lori also coordinated all the party details and recruited lots of helpers: Ken Goldman led the bike ride, Molly Michelfelder, Randy Fewel and Nancy Oh helped with the party set-up at Lori's house, Becky Smith took great photos and posted them on FB, Becky Denevan got the cake, Randy Fewel and Meghan (Denevan) very creatively decorated it, Julie Fuller, I understand, has a present from club members to give to me, and the construction worker/former HS coach volunteered to take the group photo.  If I forgot anyone, and I'm sure I did, please let me know.  

Thanks to FFBC, I am a better person in so many ways and I have ton of happy memories from the many rides and special events I've shared with you all.  Thanks again for the fabulous send-off last week. 
See you soon!

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