The end of hot feet while cycling?

Mike Moore

For years, I have had to deal with the unpleasant burning sensations in my feet while doing long rides.   

I have tried a lot of possible solutions and spent a lot of money.   I've tried bike fits, new shoes, wide toe box, narrow toe box, insoles, orthotics, metatarsal pads, toe spacers, numbing cream, adjusting cleats, different pedals and cleats, more padding, less padding, podiatrists, voodoo, hallucinogens and more.  

Some things helped a bit but nothing made the problem go away altogether.    In my never ending search, I stumbled across this product:

It is a metal adapter plate that screws into your shoe.    The cleat (SPD-SL or Look) screws into the adapter BUT farther back on the foot.    Hence the name, mid-foot.    It is very easy to install - took me less than 5 minutes.  The kit comes with three different sets of screws for just about any kind of shoe.     They suggest you might need to adjust your saddle a bit to account for the new position of the cleat.  I did not change my saddle position.

Since installation, I have done two rides with the adapters installed.   One a 50 miler and the other a 127 miler.   Both in 90 degree temps, which usually triggered the condition.  The good news is that I had no pain or discomfort.   Best part is that my riding partners did not have to wait patiently while I massaged my feet to get relief for the nerves. far so good.    If you suffer from this condition, you might want to check them out.   It comes from Germany so it takes a couple of weeks to arrive.  It cost me, with shipping, about 40 euros.    They have adapters for other cleat styles as well.

If you have questions or want to see what it looks like installed on my road shoes, let me know.

Happy cycling!


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