Re: 1 Ticket Available - Tour de Fuzz

Lori Sommer

The ticket has been claimed!

On Aug 16, 2021, at 5:59 PM, Lori Sommer <lorimsommer@...> wrote:

Hello FFBC Members,

Dave Harcos has one 35mi ticket to sell to the first person to respond to this email (please respond directly to me as to not inundate the club with replies).  The cost is the original ticket price of $79 (payable to Dave) plus $15 to transfer plus $10 if you want to do the metric/$20 if you want the full century (payable at registration).  There are one or two people looking for a roommate and an offer to carpool (same day up and back)  if you're interested or of course you can get your own hotel room.  

We have a HUGE group from FFBC this year, 54 at the last count!

Lori Sommer

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