Re: Castro Ranch Road now OPEN to bicycles

Donna Luporini Kaplan


This is to let you all know that Castro Ranch Road between Olinda Road and the Carriage Hills South subdivision has been repaved and is now open to cyclists, thus it is now safe to ride the Three Bears in any direction.


Donna Kaplan



From: Donna Kaplan <luporini@...>
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Subject: Castro Ranch Road closed to bicycles until mid-July


To: cyclists who have been thinking about riding “The Three Bears”


There is a 1.5 mile stretch of Castro Ranch Road, between Olinda Rd (one block east of San Pablo Dam Road) and just beyond the Carriage Hills South subdivision, that will be closed to cyclists until July 18, 2021.  Until mid-July, cyclists who really want to ride the Three Bears can only access Bear Creek Road from Camino Pablo (Orinda) or from the eastern direction (Martinez).


I sent notice about this stretch of road—stating that it was very hazardous to cyclists and an accident waiting to happen—to Bike East Bay last October and did not receive a reply. I tried again in mid-March and heard back right away with apologies. Dave Campbell, Advocacy Director at Bike East Bay, subsequently reached out to various agencies, and it took just two days for us to hear back from the City of Richmond Infrastructure Administrator, saying that repaving this stretch of road had been planned but held up because it was such a big job. Of course I know that I (and Dave Campbell) didn’t make this happen, but I like to think that perhaps we pushed it up on the calendar.


I will miss riding the Bears, but I am very happy about this outcome.


Donna Kaplan


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