Re: Tour de Fuzz 100k Registration for Sale

Colin Moy

Got three very fast responses, so sold to #1.
Thanks. Maybe next year the planets will be aligned.

On 07/24/2021 5:56 PM Colin Moy <moyboys@...> wrote:
Hi FFBCers,
l can’t make this ride on 9/11/21 so willing to transfer $89 registration cost less the $15 fee.  Reply to sender (me) if interested otherwise I’ll post to the TdF exchange blog.

Can I transfer my registration?  Does the transferee have to ride the same route (ride length) that I signed up for?

If you cannot make the ride you can download the Transfer Form and some other lucky person gets to ride!  The transferee will pay a $15 fee to take your registration when they check in.
Happily, the transferee does not have to ride the same length!  So if you signed up for the 50K, the transferee can ride the 100K or 100 mile!  That said, if they are riding a longer ride, they must also pay the increment.  For example, if you signed up for the 50K and they want to ride the 100K, they will pay an additional $10.  No discounts are given for riding a smaller ride (e.g. if you signed up for the 100K and the transferee decides to ride the 50K).

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