Tuesday Show & Go

Anne Fairbairn

Has this ride been happening??

I showed up at 9:02 a.m., and no one was around.  

I would like to ride at least short distances on Tuesdays -- let me know if anyone else is interested.

I rode, solo, around Coyote Hills; it was beautiful, as usual.  It was GREAT to see a crew removing the roots along Paseo Padre Pkwy. in that area, on at least one spot, as I rode by.  (I thanked them!)

Also fun to discover (for those that hadn't been there in a while):  Nice pit toilets at the quarry parking lot & visitor center.

For those that don't know me, I am an experienced, but T-M speed rider who is reawakening her pandemic-pansied muscles, training for my favorite fund-raiser, the Agony Ride on July 23-24.

Thanks, club!  (Yes, I finally gave up on the electronic enrollment/renewal, and mailed in my stuff.)

Anne Fairbairn

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