Re: Memorial Day MMRR - Extended Edition

Robert Tashjian

Some announcements about tomorrows ride:
- It will be quite warm tomorrow, although we should miss the worst of it
since we will be so close to the Bay. Bring lots of water and whatever you
need to deal with the heat.
- It will be a large group, so we'll have fairly frequent regroups. I'll
make sure to announce the next regroup at each regroup.
- The times listed for each of the pickup places are roll times. Please be
sure to be ready to roll on time. Note that the Chevron & Weibel times are 5
min earlier than normal.
- Roger's will reserve donuts & coffee for us.

See you tomorrow,
Robert Tashjian

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Subject: Memorial Day MMRR - Extended Edition

This week the MMRR will bring you a special extended edition – We will
travel down across the south bay to Mountain View, up the peninsula, and
back across the Dumbo for a total of just under 50 miles, mostly on the
Baylands and Bay Trails. The route is paved except for one short stretch of
hard pack dirt trail near East Palo Alto. Coffee & goodies at mile 25 at
Rogers Donuts and Deli in Mountain View. Here is the rwgps route, I will not
have printed route sheets available, so make sure you load it in your bike
computer or print out your own cue sheet.


We will meet at the usual places (Isherwood Staging, Paseo-Stevenson
Chevron, Paseo-S. Grimmer/Weibel), but we will be leaving the Chevron and
Weibel meetups about 5 min earlier than usual:
Leaving at:
Isherwood Staging          - 8:45
Chevron                            - 9:10
Weibel                              - 9:40

Email me your mobile and emergency contact numbers and I’ll sign you in so
we won’t have to sign in at the start.

Hope to see you Monday!
Robert Tashjian

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