Steven Muramoto

Hi Rob:

Please sign me in....

Phone #: 510-565-2771
Emergency Contact:  Judy Muramoto, Phone #: 510-677-0064


~Steven Muramoto

On Saturday, May 22, 2021, 07:27:19 PM PDT, Robert Tashjian <rob@...> wrote:

This Monday the MMRR will go to the Panera on North 1st Street. The route is about 43 miles, but there are options to cut the distance down with returns along Fremont or Central. You can find the route at


If you haven’t already, email me your mobile and emergency contact information and I’ll sign you in.


Meet at/leaving from (times posted are roll times!)

(across from) Isherwood Staging Area: 8:45

Chevron, Paseo/Stevenson: 9:15

Weibel, Paseo/S. Grimmer: 9:45


Until Monday,



Robert Tashjian



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