Re: low psi ok for 28mm gatorskins?

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+1 to what Robert says.

Here's my story. Dunno if it'll help you, but... here goes...

I used to do gobs of commuting on 25mm Gatorskins between Los Altos and Fremont. Overall, I had fewer flats when I would (a) use Mr. Tuffy or StopFlats2 and (b) pump the pressure up pretty high (like 105psi). More recently my commute changed and I can get away with lower pressures (~85psi).

A lower pressure is more comfortable but makes you more susceptible to pinch flats.

With that said, these days when I do intervals on Marshlands Rd I drop the pressure to 60-70psi for the comfort. I can get away with it because I generally know where all the "potholes" are located and avoid them. I wouldn't do less than 75-80psi for a long ride on unknown roads. (I'm 195 lbs... and again, this is 25mm tires).


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The Gatorskins (and Gatorblah,blah,blah follow-ons) are clinchers, not tubeless, so you want to run them at higher pressure than equivalent tubeless tires. The pressure kinda depends on several factors:

How heavy are you (and the bike)? This is probably the most important one.

How wide is the rim? A 20mm internal width rim can (and should) run lower pressure than a 15mm internal width rim.

How aggressive are you?

How bad is the surface you’re riding on?


You generally want more pressure in the rear tire than the front. If you are 140lb on a 20lb bike with 20mm rims, probably. If you are 200lbs on a 20lb bike with 15mm rims, probably asking for a flat.


Most rim manufacturers have a pressure calculator hidden away on their websites somewhere, probably best to check with whoever made your rims.




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     I've found that if I ride 28mm gatorskins at 60-80psi I get much better comfort, grip and downhill control.  Am I asking for trouble going this low or is it common these days?


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