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Continental GatorHardshell ,  totally agree ,  hardly find a dent on the surface. Highly recommend 

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I’ve been riding on a set of Continental GatorHardshell for the last year and have found them to be excellent for durability and puncture resistance. Comparing the specs, they look like an improvement over the Gatorskins. I ride mostly on tarmac, but they’ve also handled all the gravel tracks I’ve been on without any issue. They hardly even pick up any splinters. I ride about 4-5 hours a week, and they still have plenty of life left in them. I had a set of Grand Prix 4-Season before them, which were good, but the Hardshell’s are a significant improvement. The only negative for me is that they’re more difficult to get on and off than the 4-Seasons, though that’s balanced out by how infrequently I have to do it, but of course in that respect ymmv. For me, they’ve been worth every penny.


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For those who don't race but love to ride on tarmac (not gravel) and not get flats, what do you recommend for tires?

I've been using Continental Gatorskins (28s) and am quite satisfied (haven't been getting flats, ride quality seems fine in dry and wet and tires last a long time), but was wondering if something else has surpassed them as technology has progressed.


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