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Andrew Sass

I average one flat every two years with tubeless.  More than two years with the Schwalbe Pro Ones.  They roll nice and are lighter than a tire and tube.  

Bought a pair of Mavic rims a few years ago and they came with a complimentary set of Mavic Tubeless tires, stems and sealant, so no cost trial.  Nice tires, but the Mavics wore quickly, then they sprayed sealant, or rather wept a bit.  Eventually switched to Schwalbe and excellent wear.  They actually have three layers in the sidewalls, which can be a tires weak point.  They have some sealant layer, and i add air once or twice a week.  Even handled a 6p nail one day.  Pulled the nail out, let out a little pressure, spun the tires a couple times, and was good to go.  20 seconds vs 10 minutes.  I usually pump them up to 92 psi.

Good luck

Andy Sass

On Sunday, March 28, 2021, 01:07:46 PM PDT, Amit Banerjee <wrknplay@...> wrote:

Check out the detailed comparisons.
If your bike allows wider tires, I recommend getting 28mm.

I recently bought Continental GP5000, 28mm wide,
Great deal online from Excel Sports, Boulder, CO. Free shipping for over $99.

On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 11:39 PM tburmas via <> wrote:
For those who don't race but love to ride on tarmac (not gravel) and not get flats, what do you recommend for tires?

I've been using Continental Gatorskins (28s) and am quite satisfied (haven't been getting flats, ride quality seems fine in dry and wet and tires last a long time), but was wondering if something else has surpassed them as technology has progressed.


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