Re: Help with tricky traffic situation

Timothy Luders

To reduce/end any ambiguity the sign might say “bicycles take full lane through underpass “. 

On Mar 19, 2021, at 11:19 PM, tburmas via <tburmas@...> wrote:

     I've had yet another dangerous encounter under the bridge on Mission Blvd between Stevenson traveling to Las Palmas.  The location is here:  For years I've dreaded this section as the bike lane narrows to inches.  Today a minivan honked me as I was entering then passed me (also inches away).  I was as far right as I could be with a flashing red LED during daylight - I wasn't doing anything odd.  The horn scared me and I got quite upset that the driver almost caused an accident.

    I'm looking for pointers on how to ride this section.  Going the opposite direction I momentarily hop onto the sidewalk as I feel safer (it also has a bike lane that narrows to inches).  I might have to do the same for the direction I had an issue with today and go into the mini tunnel. I generally don't do this as I never see an easy/safe entrance as most cars are trying to make a right on Mission from Stevenson and block the sidewalk ramp at the intersection.

Any suggestions are welcome,

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