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I agree 100% that you can and must take the lane here. I will note that I’ve had cars honk at me from behind when doing so under this particular underpass numerous times. Once was quite loud as it was a big rig. This is not because I jumped in front of them at the last second, but simply because they were impatient.

It would be nice if the “share the road” sign reduces this honking, but probably won’t as this signage is very unclear to me as well. I do like some of the “bicycles may use full lane” signs.

Matt Kihlthau

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Right.  And even though you have the legal right to take the lane in such a situation, it's still a very good idea to communicate unambiguously to motorists that you are doing so.  So when you take the lane, take it like you mean it and go right out in the middle of the lane.

On Sat, Mar 20, 2021 at 10:39 AM Vinnie Bacon <vbacon@...> wrote:

I agree with Ken that you simply need to take the lane and make it clear that there is no room to safely pass you within the lane.


My habits have changed of late and I no longer think that it’s ‘courteous’ to try to move to the right so people can pass you. I used to stay to the right, have someone come really close to me and THEN decide that I’m taking the whole lane. Now I just take the lane.


The bottom line is that if you don’t feel that it’s safe sharing the lane then you need to tell motorists it’s not safe to share the lane. You do that by taking the lane.  


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I’m not aware of a ‘share the road’ sign or a sharrow marked on the road - worthwhile contacting City’s Public Works staff?



On Mar 20, 2021, at 7:37 AM, Joe Banchero <huck-162@...> wrote:

Agree with Ken, it's the only safe way to ride that section.

On 03/19/2021 11:36 PM Ken Goldman <ken.goldman@...> wrote:





I go through there quite often without any problem. 


I wait for a gap in traffic, signal with my left arm, and move to the center of the right lane. When there is no bike lane, taking the entire lane is the only safe option. If a car does come up behind me, it will either have to wait ten seconds while I go under the underpass or it can move to the other lane.




On Mar 19, 2021, at 11:19 PM, tburmas via <tburmas@...> wrote:

     I've had yet another dangerous encounter under the bridge on Mission Blvd between Stevenson traveling to Las Palmas.  The location is here:  For years I've dreaded this section as the bike lane narrows to inches.  Today a minivan honked me as I was entering then passed me (also inches away).  I was as far right as I could be with a flashing red LED during daylight - I wasn't doing anything odd.  The horn scared me and I got quite upset that the driver almost caused an accident.

    I'm looking for pointers on how to ride this section.  Going the opposite direction I momentarily hop onto the sidewalk as I feel safer (it also has a bike lane that narrows to inches).  I might have to do the same for the direction I had an issue with today and go into the mini tunnel. I generally don't do this as I never see an easy/safe entrance as most cars are trying to make a right on Mission from Stevenson and block the sidewalk ramp at the intersection.

Any suggestions are welcome,


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