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I've been on a couple online threads about recent 520 and 520 Plus deals, and the recommendations have been pretty consistent...spend the little extra for the 530.  Very few reasons to spend the extra money to the 830/1030 unless you need the special features or bigger screen, and the 530 pretty much does everything 99% of us want/need with the added benefit of being one of the more reliable Garmin units (520 has been rock solid for me, while lots of comments on 520 Plus not so good).

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I concur with Jay, with the additional thought that the 530 screen is brighter, yet the battery drains slower than the 520 (in my experience).




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West pointed me to the 530 and I have been very happy with it... it has a great battery life and it works... I had a touch screen and ultimately I did not like it especially in the winter with long finger gloves... the 530 is controlled with buttons.  I strongly recommend this unit over the 520+




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My Garmin Edge 500 has stopped working so I am in the market for a new one. I will probably go for a 520 Plus, but I am open to recommendations for one of the 800 or 1000 series if one of those seem worth the price. Pros? Cons? Opinions?


Feel free to reply just to me, luporini@..., and if anyone wants to hear responses, just let me know.




Donna Kaplan


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