Re: Peloton-style vs. Smart trainers?

West Kurihara

Mike,  here is my two cents.

I’ve used the Lemond bike in my gym (very similar to Peleton).  It’s ok, but lacks the realism that Zwift provides riding with real people.  I much prefer zwift over any other simulation programs that I’ve tried.  

That being said I really don’t enjoy indoor training that much because I sweat a lot and my tolerance for overheating is low, even through I probably have an almost ideal setup for training with multiple fans, outdoor air circulation, etc.  so I only use Zwift occasionally though out the year, mainly during the rainy season although I’ve used it for short rides during this past month when the air quality allowed.

Since I’m not a heavy Zwift user, I never wanted to invest too much money in the setup, so this is what is use.

First, I have a power tap wheel on one of my old bikes for power measurement along with a garmin wheel speed sensor and cadence sensor.  I had to purchase an ANT+ usb dongle for Zwift (about $40) and I have an old CycleOps mag trainer (about $60 used)

Since the resistance is fixed, I need to change gears to change resistance so that is not as realistic as the Zwift controlled resistance of a smart trainer.

So that’s a scenario of spending very little money to try Zwift or any other online simulation software assuming you already have power, cadence, speed and heart rate measurement capability.  For several years, I’ve been considering purchasing a nice Zwift compatible power trainer But I just haven’t been able to justify it to myself giving the number of times I would use it normally.  The flip side is that if I ever do decide to purchase a nice trainer, I know exactly what features and capability I want based upon my experience with my bare bones setup.


On Sep 6, 2020, at 09:27, Mike Moore <mrmoore.usa@...> wrote:

Hi everybody!   As we are fond of saying in Reno, winter is coming.  (That’s pretty catchy!).   I am still trying to get back in shape after last year’s calamity so I am considering buying an indoor trainer.  So I would love to get the opinions (and I know you have them) on these questions:

1. Is it better to buy a Peloton-style or Smart trainer and if so, why?

2. If you’ve experience with a smart trainer, which one would you recommend and how easy is it to set up and get going?   What ancillary purchases are desirable?

3. What do you wish you knew before you purchased one of these machines?

From what little I know, there probably isn’t a single correct answer for every situation and individual preference which is why I would hoping to draw upon the collective wisdom of the club.

In advance, thanks!!   Safe riding and happy trails to all of you!


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