N-95 Masks?

Lori Sommer

Hello FFBC Friends,

A lot of you know that Phil and I have twin daughters.  You may not know that both are ICU nurses, one in Seattle and the other closer to home in Santa Rosa.  They've both told me that N-95 masks are currently running low in their hospitals.  I had a generous offer of masks from club member, Jennifer Shively, to donate and I REALLY appreciate it.  The next logical step is to ask my riding buddies - if you have sealed N-95 masks that you are willing to part with, please let me know offline or text me at (510) 693-8624.  I'm willing to pick up even a single mask and ensure it is donated to their hospitals.  Otherwise, please consider donating them to YOUR local hospital that is probably also experiencing the same issue.  I have heard that Stanford is not experiencing a shortage at this time.

Thanks so much!


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