Insurance coverage during a pandemic

Mike Moore

A well known cycling writer posted a tweet saying that, paraphrasing, if you were injured riding your bike during a pandemic, your insurance would not cover the cost of your injuries.  As you might imagine, this is pretty scary.

I checked with my insurer and they said that pandemics have no impact on my coverage.  That is to say, if I were injured, the regular policy terms would apply.  Ditto if injured riding whilst the stay-at-home order is in effect.   But that is my insurer and my policy. 

I would recommend checking in with your insurer just to be sure.  I would also do it via the chat function on their website.  That way you get the opinion in writing just in case they try and pull a fast one later.

I hope that all of us stay safe and healthy and upright!   Not that there is ever a good time to crash, but this is a particularly bad time.


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