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Thanks for the heads-up.  The are other places to ride and shop.

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Hi Wynn,
There will be no Farmer's market  at Kaiser for the next 2 weeks beginning tom.

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With minimal traffic on the road, you can take advantage of these excellent cycling conditions.  You can even make left hand turns from the largest of streets!

Thursday is Farmers Market at the Kaiser offices just off Paseo Padre from 10 to 2pm.  Get your backpack and ride over and pickup some great produce and fruit.  If you have a bike with a rack, but no panniers, you can easily tied a plastic 4 or 5 gallon bucket to it.

Here's how:  Get a length of wire, and wrap one end to the rack securely.  Next, loosely position the bucket so a flange is in contact with the rack for support.  Make sure you position the back far enough back to clear the heal of your foot.  Dry fit the amount of wire needed to make a look around the bucket to the rack.  Shorten this amount a few inches to allow for built in slack and stretch.  And twist the wire onto the rack so it is small and secure.  Now push the bucket on.  Should fit very snugly and securely.  You may need to try it a couple of time.

I know this technique works bc I have used it myself several times when in a pinch.


Wynn Kageyama

ps; not edited for grammar. :)

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