Moderated Details - Thursday Morning Coffee Ride

Lori Sommer

Hello Thursday Adventurers!

Tomorrow we head across the Bay Bridge to Treasure Island.  

The schedule has been updated to reflect BART's 3 minute change in schedule.  Ken found an access to a perimeter path so our route has changed a bit too (route sheet attached).  I've confirmed there is coffee available at Mersea which is a Shipping container kitchen & bar with bay views & outdoor seating serving elevated comfort fare (according to Google).  This time we will only be having a quick cup of coffee at Mersea and can evaluate it for having lunch there the next time.  

Please let me know if you'd like to follow me on Find Friends App (apple phones)if you will be joining us enroute.  Bring some layers!

Lori Sommer

Thursday, May 31
WhenThu, May 31, 10am – 2pm
WhereFremont BART Station, Fremont, CA 94536, USA (map)
DescriptionLength: 20 miles;
Elevation: 650 feet;

Terrain: 2,3 Pace: T,M

Join us as we search for adventure on Treasure Island! The first part of our adventure will be taking all the bikes on BART; please spread out into different cars and don't forget your Clipper Card if you have one. There are two Richmond bound trains from Fremont, the first leaves at 9:03AM and the second at 9:18AM. Ken will be on the first train that arrives at Ashby Station at 9:49AM and I will be on the second arriving at 10:04AM. Everyone will gather at the Ashby BART station in Berkeley, 10:00AM on the West side (toward the parking lot), rolling about 10:20AM. If anyone wants to drive, please park near the Ashby BART station and join us there or meet us ACROSS THE STREET from IKEA at the trailhead, which is well marked and very obvious.

We will be coming down Shellmound St. and turning onto the trail about 10:35-10:45. It will be too congested to sign people in right there, so we will do that at the first regroup at the porta-potties before we climb the bridge. At the top of the bridge, there is a beautiful new vista point (mile 7.2, porta-potties) where we will have a long regroup and take some pictures. There is a short pitchy part up to the top of Yerba Buena before descending down onto Treasure Island.

 We will ride around Treasure Island, take pictures and hopefully stop for a quick cup of coffee at Mersea ( and enjoy the view of San Francisco. After coffee we will climb back up to Yerba Buena, descend the Bay Bridge and lunch at the Public Market in Emeryville.( and then take BART home from the Ashby Station.

Lunch probably won't be until 12:30PM or 1:00PM. This is a leisurely ride with lots of stopping to look at the sights and take pictures. We will stay together, no route sheet will be provided but you can print the ridewithgps route sheet we will send out via email and Dale will be sweeping with his array (hoard) of GPSes (and yes, I had to look up the plural of GPS).

RidewithGPS URL:

Ken Goldman 510-378-5027
Dale Blanchard 510-703-7474
Lori Sommer 510-693-8624

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